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Short Essay Writing Practices (五) Tips for short essay writing
2008/06/14 11:56
Short Essay Writing Practices Series were written for my niece,
who needed to attend the exam for entering the colleges in Taiwan.

 Tips you may need to know for short essay writing

1. 逻辑顺序
: To begin with, First, Second, More to that, Third, Moreover,
Furthermore, Finally, At last, To conclude,  Most important of  all, To sum up

2. 在提出主要论述之前: According to a recent report,  A current study indicates
that --- , Some experts (sceientists) strongly believe that ---,
A science statistics indicates that ..., According to a recent research, ---

3. 表示委婉语气 : may, might, can, could, would, sometimes, often, usually,
maybe, perhaps, probably, should

4. 转折语气: then, although (记得后面不加 but), however (同方向,论述略有转变 ),
but (相反方向论述 ),  neverthless, while, on the other hand, after all, anyway,
on the contrary  

5. 多搜集好的形容词 (名人谈话、现代经典影剧对白、经常出现在英文工具书或使用说明上)
 : ( 部分可变化为副词使用) great, nice, good, wonderful, terrific, fantastic,
dramatic, fabulous, amazing, really, tremendous, current, recent, innovative,

6. 表因果或目地 (consequence or purpose ) : why, because of --, thus,
so .... that, ...too ..., be enough to, Perhaps that is the reason why,
Maybe because of, Due to, To, In order to,

 尽可能在第一段就提出你的主要论述 (Thesis Statement),避免行云流水、柳暗花明

8. 在第二段举2、3个例子来支持你的论述,最好有具体事例如数据、年代、地点、时间、
人物、事件 等( 最少 2 个 )

9.在第三段以不同方式 (或再repeat 一次) 将第一段的主要论述再陈述一次以做为结论

10.值得搜集并多用的好词 : not only ... but also, in terms of ..., as far as I know,
as far as I'm concerned, to deal with,
speaking of .., a variety of,
various kinds of, not....until.., as well as,  S+be busy+Ving,
as well as, S+spend--time---V+ing ---,

11.选择动词优先顺利: 一般动词 (最直接有力), be动词 (次之), 被动式 (最弱,除非语意上须要,少用)

12.多搜集好的动词 : (建议能表现现代感都会感用语) 
suggest, believe, indicate, deliever a sense of..., suppose, S+help+V,
A+help+B+V.., contribute to, learn, enjoy, lead to,
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