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Day 1/ Sep 25, Wed.

Heritage VictoriaDenis Beaulac/ 305 rue Ontario Est , Montreal (4 days)

9:30am – 5:48pm

1.       Get  rental car

2.       Go to hotel 30min

Day 2/ Sep 26, Thurs.

Walking Old Town (6.2km, 1hr20min) from hotel to hotel

1.       Hotel de ville

2.       Château Ramezay

3.       Bonsecours Market

4.       Clock tower

5.       Place Jacques-Cartier

6.       Old Montreal

7.       Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

8.       Old port of Montreal

Day 3/ Sep 27, Fri.

305 Ontario St E, Montreal, QC H2X 1H6,

Canada-> Mont Tempblant->hotel (one way  1hr  40min)

 Day 4/ Sep 28, Sat.

Driving from hotel to hotel

1.       Olympic Stadium

2.       Montreal Botanical Garden

3.       Mount Royal Park

4.       Mcgill Univ

5.       St. Joseph’s Oratory

6.       Underground City


The following are reserved if we have energy and time:

7.       St Viateur & Fairmont Bagels

8.       Mile End (fashion)

9.       Jean Talon Market Little Italy MARKET)

10.   Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

11.   Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archaeology and History

Day 5/ Sep 29, Sun.

1.       Driving Montreal  to  Ste Anne de Beaupre  (by pass the city, 3hr 5min)

·         Take highway 40

·         Stop at Trois-Rivières, visit  Parc De LIle Saint-Quentin and marina

·         From town Deschambault, take 138 (Chemin Du Roy) to hotel

2.       Check in 9800 Blvd. Ste-Anne;  1-418-827-1570

3.       See Church and walk the nearby Quai De La PAIX

Day 6/ Sep 30, Mon.

Le Coureur  Des Bois ;  15 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Quebec City, QC, Canada;  418-692-1117(2 days)

1.       ->Montmorency  fall(22min/23km)

2.       ->Hotel de Glace, 1860 Boulevard Valcartier, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, QC G0A 4S0, Canada, (34min/36km)

3.       ->return the car

4.       ->call uber to get to  hotel

5.       Walking the old town

·         The fortification

·         Hotel Du Parlement

·         Observatoire de la Capitale

·         La Citadelle

·         Le Château Frontenac

·         Rue du Trésor

·         Place Royale

·         Quartier Petit Champlain

·         Basilique Cathedrale – Notre-Dame-de-Québec

·         Rue Saint-Jean

·         Old port of Quebec  city , 57 Rue Saint-Paul

·         Museum of Civilization

·         Quartier Petit Champlain

·         Terrasse Dufferin

·         Plains of Abraham

Day 7/ Oct 01, Tue.

·         Continue sightseeing

·         Take ferry to Levis

·         Eat @  Le Saint Amour, Chic Shack

Day 8/ Oct 02, Wed.

Waverly Inn: 1266 Barrington St, Halifax, (2days)

1.       Call uber to airport

2.       Quebec  to Halifax  11:10A-1:45P-4:15P AC8711/AC7558

3.       Get the rental car

4.       Halifax waterfront  boardwalk

Day 9/ Oct 03, Thur.

1.       Halifax -> Peggy  Cove( 45km) 50min, watch out your steps

2.       Peggy  Cove ->Lunenburg( 101km )1hr20min

a.       The Old Town

b.      Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic

c.       The South Shore Fish Shack, 108 Montague St, Lunenburg, NS, Canada, for Lobster

d.      The Lunenburg Harbor.

3.       Lunenburg->Halifax; (100km)1hr13min

4.       Total driving time 3 hr20min

Day 10/ Oct 04, FRi.

Wild Rose Inn,  Moncton, a Chinese own B&B

1.       Halifax Central Library, 5440 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS, Canada,

2.       Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, 5425 Sackville St, Halifax, NS,

3.       Halifax Public Gardens, 5665 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS, Canada

4.       Halifax->Truro  (1hr)

a.       Historic Downtown

b.      Marigold Cultural Centre

c.       Victoria Park;  strongly recommend hiking to the fall

5.       Truro->  Aulac

a.       Fort Beausejour

6.       Aulac->Sackville

a.       Sackville Waterfowl Park; a wonderful place you should visit. Highly  recommend.

7.       Sackville->  Moncton

8.       From Halifax to Moncton 3hr driving

Day 11/ Oct 05, Sat.

Charlotte’s Rose Inn, a Chinese own B&B; very friendly owner  

1.       Moncton->Hopewell Rocks

2.       Hopewell  Rocks->Fundy NP

        Point wolf coast; park at the last parking field and take the point wolf trail

3.       Fundy NP-> Shediac (captital of Lobster)

Eat  big fat poor Lobster at Auberge Gabrièle ; 296 Main St, Shediac, 

4.       Shediac-> Bridge-> Borden-Carleton ->Charlottetown

Crossing the curving bridge from New Brunswick is a thrilling experience, and the first town visitors reach in PEI is Borden-Carleton, from which you get the best view of the majestic bridge.

: Marine Rail Historical Park


Day 12/ Oct 06, Sun.

1.       Green Gables Heritage Place

2.       PEI National Park - Cavendish

3.       downtown


Day 13/ Oct 07, Mon.

The Worn Doorstep ; 43 Old Margaree Rd, Baddeck (2 days) B&B, no breakfast provided

1.       Charlottetown->point prim ->Wood islands

2.       Ferry

3.       Caribou-> 1857 caribou island rd, pictou12.5mi30min

4.       pictou->Baddeck 3hr, (145mi)

Day 14/ Oct 08, Tues.

Baddeck->Cape Breton highlands Park ->Baddeck (3hrs); nice view of fall color

Things to do in Cape Breton highlands Park

·         Trail: 8, 11, and 25

·         Neil Harbor Lighthouse

Day 15/ Oct 09, Wed.

Hampton Inn & Suite ; 65 Cromarty Drive, Dartmouth,

Baddeck->Dartmouth (342km; 3.5hr)

1.       alexande Bell museum

2.       Port Hastings Historical Society museum; Port Hastings

3.       Alderney Landing; Dartmouth (11min driving from hotel,  1.5hr walking)

Take ferry to Halifax and back

Day 16/ Oct 10, Thur.

1.       Return car

2.       Halifax->SFO  12:54->7:56



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