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2019/12/05 16:47

These days "internet army" became a hot topic, as well as a very negative term.  The army of anonymous internet trolls had been trained and fed by some ringleaders as  mercenaries to attack specific targets with fake news and collective, endless vitriol.  Now a Ms Yang is being dragged into a whirlpool of such a political scandal.  But I am not interested in the scandal itself, rather would I care more about the morbid general likes and dislikes of our society in Taiwan. 

More than ten years ago, Ms Yang became a sensation overnight as she beat credit card companies by taking advantage of loopholes in contracts.  Then she was overhyped and conferred a title of "Credit Card Goddess" by decadent media.  Since then she has had close link with DPP and become a ringleader of "internet army", which was fed by our taxes out of the budget of the  governmental bureaus she was working with.  In short, she did not use her cleverness in right ways; instead, she became a highly opportunistic "political cockroach".

Under such a social ambience, no wonder young guys nowadays would still supprt that Wonky Cai, regardless of her truly false degrees and the qualification of a teaching faculty member in universites, not to mention her mishandlings of the economy and cross-strait relationship.  Do not look down up this "thrifling" thing; it is one of truly real dangers of Taiwan!         

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