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2019/11/07 11:21

After a short sojourn at Urumqi, we headed for Turpan(Tulufan 吐鲁番) via that "romantic" Dabancheng(达坂城).  Along the way between two cities there are thousands of turbines erected on the vast ground of Turpan basin to establish the 2nd largest wind farm of China.   (Wind farms in Taiwan?  Forget it; it is simply a matter of common sense.)


(Photo captured from internet)

In the evening we arrived at a memorial hall of Kariz canal system(坎儿井).  An interpreter led us to see how had the sicentific culverts of the canal system been built and so drew water of thawed snow from that legendary "flamming mountains" of Tian Shan to the basin and formed a large span of fertile oases.  Is the system a domestic invention of our ancestors in Turpan 2000 years ago(not necessarily Han people), or a borrowed tech sometime from Mid-Asia?  Well, it doesnt matter any more.  Let us just pay our greatest respect to the intelligence of those people in ancient time.  FYI, when Lord Lin Zexu(林则徐) was downgraded and sent to Xinjiang in exile after his "ineptitude" during First Opium War, he spared no efforts in promoting Kariz canal system in Turpan area.


坎儿井 from Wiki 

PS Attached below please find the lyrics, popular edtion, of that romantic song 达坂城的姑娘, which has adapted from a Uyghur folk song.  (from Wiki) 

达坂城的石路硬又平啊 西瓜大又甜啊
那里住的姑娘辫子长啊 能不能构到地上(两个眼睛真漂亮)
假如你要嫁人 不要嫁给别人啊 一定要你嫁给我
带著百万钱财 领著你的妹妹 跟著我马车来
杭州城的榧子(梨子)脆又香啊 枇杷大又甜啊
杭州城的姑娘木佬佬的好啊 没有一个不漂亮(两个眼睛真漂亮)
假如你讨老婆 不要娶别人啊 一定要你娶了我(娶了走)
带著百辆马车(百亩田产) 领著你的亲随 跟著我轿子(花轿)来




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