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2019/10/23 12:07

In late Qing Dynasty China easily granted exterritorial jurisdiction to imperialists in signing those notorious Unequal Treaties.  The reasons why the emperor and high-rank officials then were so muddleheaded that making them give in to imperialists one of the core values of sovereignty had been their igorance about international laws and affairs; another funny pretext was they thought that letting those foreigners take care of their own legal affairs in China must be much more convenient.

In these days whether or not for ROC to accept a HK murder suspect who intends to surrender himself in has become a sensation.  No surprise, DPP fully capitalized its mastery of sophistry and prevarication to reject that suspect regardless of its often emphasized "sovereignty".  But the funniest argument was from a TV "pundit" of Green Camp, who said taking care of legal cases pertaining to foreigners in the island would be a troublesome burden for Taiwan.  For crying out loud!  Now it has been 21st century already!

PS  I will leave for Xinjiang for a ten-days touring.  See you later, guys.  Certainly, I will write something about the trip when I return to Taiwan. 


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