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2019/10/18 13:24

Han Guoyu just took a long leave and started his around-the-island campaign for "presidential" election two days ago, but he had to break off the incipient journey and returned to Kaohsiung to pay an "audience" with James Moriarty, chairman of AIT, this morning.  Well, Moriarty is like a dog trainer for the US, bringing a bone to Taiwan to see which one, Cai or Han, deserve the bone.  Obviously, he and the US like Wonky Cai better, but they also want to examine if Han is also a pliant pet. 

Two dogs are scrambling for a bone?  You may think I am making caustic remarks about this "miserable" situation of Taiwan, a situation in which we have to rely on the "protection" from the US.  But have you ever thought of why does the island stoop so low as a puppet "state" and sink deeper and deeper into the mire.  Because the governments, especially DPP, pick a wrong choice between China Mainland and America. 

Will America give us real security, trade surplus as our mainstay, and so huge a volume of tourists as to support a large portion of our civil business chain?  Of course not.  then who will?  You know the answer.