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2019/10/12 10:07

Subject idiom was used in the official denunciation against Qing Dynasty by revolutionary army when Wuchang Uprising took place on exactly the day before yesterday 108 years ago.  The uprising then ignited a nationwide revolt which finally resulted in the abdication of Qing Royal House and the founding of Republic of China.  The tenth day of October, or Double Tenth, had become national birthday of ROC ever since.

But that Wonky Cai deliberately and completely severed the association of founding ROC thru Wuchang Uprising with ROC status quo in her speech for celebrating "national" birthday this year, despite her mentioning ROC several times as a fig leaf for Taidu.  Well, if Han people hated to see they were ruled by Manchurians 108 years ago and lamented “人人数典而忘其祖”, now there must be a lot more Chinese people in Mainland who will hate to see Taiwan is actually ruled by Japanese and Americans.  You know what will happen eventually.