2019/10/14 15:42:01

Yesterday I extolled a chain diner for its endeavor in promoting Chinese classical literature, striving to do the job that DPP has long been doing otherwise.  By contrast, you may be interested in what China Mainland is doing.  Attached below please find 112 pieces of classical poems selected in the unified syllabus of (Chinese) language for all 1st to 6th graders in China Mainland.   


Oh my goodness, that is really something!  At least, for a senior like me, I did not have the chance of learning so many selected poems from textbooks while I was in elementary school, let alone our grandchildren nowadays.  Some stupid islanders still regard Mainlanders as people with low quality.  Skip that prejudice and try to remember this: 腹有诗书气自华.

Wonky Cai and DPP, you are kiliing our kids.