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韩国瑜中、英演讲稿 [取自UDN新闻稿]
2019/04/12 12:46

取自UDN新闻稿 - 韩国瑜中、英演讲稿如下:

The Power of Down to Earth —They Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk Good afternoon, Director Szonyi, Director Goldstein, ladies and gentlemen, this is my greatest honor and pleasure to be here today and to begin with, I would like to express my appreciation for the long term friendship between the United States and the R. O. C., and for the support from the US government and its people, so we can engage and cooperate closely. I am more than honored to have this amazing opportunity standing at this podium, in front of the distinguished scholars at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, the most esteemed institution of Chinese Studies in the world, to share my story and to talk about what I think and what I want to do as Mayor of Kaohsiung. In Taiwan, there are a lot of people calling me a “produce vendor.” Mainly because I worked in a local agricultural products marketing company before I ran in the Mayor election. The media often describes me with the term “down to earth,” and few individuals even name me “country bumpkin” for my humble origins, and my rather direct and unrefined language. Well today, this bald country bumpkin from Taiwan is standing before you, on the campus of one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Harvard! A few months ago, many could not have imagined this, even in their wildest dreams! What brings me to Harvard today, is the fact that last November, I won an election in Southern Taiwan that nobody thought I could possibly win. Besides, people are saying that I single-handedly reshaped the politics of Taiwan. They are calling this wide-spread political current the “hanliu” or “Han wave.” However, I don’t believe in “hanliu” or “Han Wave” because I know very well that what brings me to the Mayor position and to speak to you today, is not me as an individual, but is the will of the people. People in Taiwan, especially in Kaohsiung, have had enough of the unproductive government, enough of all the nonsense of ideological manipulation, and enough of pathetic politicians who only talk without making worthy actions. The reason behind our success, is not because I am at any rate a great person. It is because Taiwans current ruling party is not doing a good job. They have disappointed the people, so the people want something different. In fact, the people of Taiwan dislike not just the DPP, but they are tired of all of traditional politicians. Especially those politicians who come up with fancy slogans and empty promises. They dont know, and they dont care what the people really need. They only talk the talk, but me, I walk the walk. I walk to the people from all walks of life, with an emphasis on socially vulnerable groups. I insist to stay overnight in different folks’ places once a month, to get close to their real life. I have stayed in an orphanage, a fisherman’s association, a taxi driver’s home and will stay in many others’ places as well. I also walk to the world, to Mainland China, to Southeast Asia, to America and hopefully to more other places in the world. This is not because I like to be Mr. Fogg who travelled around the world in 81 days, but because Kaohsiung deserves more visibility and opportunities. Kaohsiung has been isolated and closed off for too long. As a result, the economy and population are sadly declining. We need to walk out to the world to promote our produce and products, to attract more visitors, and to carry out what I advocate loudly for, “Export Goods Out, Welcome People In, Let Kaohsiung Prosper!” 货出得去、人进得来、高雄发大财! You might be curious how come I am so down to earth and not a stereotypical politician. Actually, once, I was one of the politicians people look down on. I had been councilor and congressman for over 10 years. And one day, I came to face the truth that I didn’t do a good job as a politician, so I just decided not to run for the next round of elections. Therefore, I fell out of the upper down to the earth. I have been down to earth ever since and stayed on it as a Mayor now. I know what the people really want – I was one of them, I had hope for the government, that the people in power can do good things for us. I know deep down peoples needs are simple and humble. People want to enjoy peace and security; want a government that can get things done; want to make money; and most importantly, want to have good life. When I first settled in Kaohsiung, I worked as Director of KMTs Kaohsiung Chapter and we had no funding at all. The DPP had ruled Kaohsiung for more than 20 years, so no one thought I was even close to winning. I had a very hard time raising campaign funds. So when I announced to run for the Mayor election, I went with the slogan “one bottle of water and one bowl of pork rice.” That was all I could provide to the supporters at rallies and gatherings – and most of the time, no pork rice, only a bottle of water! Yet, the reason I did that was not only because we were short of money, but also because I would like to do things differently. I will not be the politician that people dislike anymore. “One bottle of water” is totally against the traditional way of campaigning. Theres an old saying that “you dont need to learn how to win an election as long as you have money.” Back then a lot of people in Kaohsiung warned me that it would be impossible to win the election. I had nothing and my hands were empty, so that made me a non-stereotypical candidate. I was down to earth, down with the crowd and got closer to them. The people who came to my rallies and gatherings were not there for give-away gifts or buffets, they came to support! What did I give them in return for their support? A response, a response to their worries and anxiety, a response so outspoken that only a country bumpkin would say it out loud to the people: we want to make big money! You are probably familiar with my campaign slogan, “Export Goods Out, Welcome People In, Let Kaohsiung Prosper.” And “100% for better economy and 0 % for political calculations.” Right now, Taiwan is full of political calculations especially in the Cross Straits policies. As a sad result, Taiwans economy has been totally compressed with no room to grow. I have listened to the people, and that is not what they want! What people really want are better incomes, good livings, peace with Mainland China, and mutual respect. That is why I am doing 100% for a better economy and 0% for political calculations. In the meantime, as a region that is heavily trade oriented, our worst nightmare is to be marginalized. When countries around the world are actively promoting free trade, signing free trade agreements and engaging in regional economic integrations, Taiwan is excluded, and that is not okay for our economic development. The complications and difficulties of achieving regional economic integration is based on the relationship across the Taiwan Straits. To any political leader of Taiwan, the biggest challenge is to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, and to ensure Taiwan is not excluded from important international activities. No one wishes to live in instability and chaos. We are all very clear that the only military threat to Taiwan comes from Beijing. Like Ive said time and again, we have no doubt that the people of Taiwan are determined to strive for democracy. Yet at the same time, we must not doubt the Beijing’s determination for unification. While it is important to strengthen our defense capabilities, we must not blind ourselves to the fact that Beijing has immense military powers. What we must to do is to strive for peaceful coexistence with Mainland China, and to use wisdom to avoid potential conflicts. This is what the people of Taiwan need. We need to face the fact that Mainland China has risen, and to avoid unnecessary confrontations. After all, “War has no winners and peace, no losers.” Yet in these 3 short years, the international community is once again worried that conflict may erupt in the Taiwan Straits. Beijing is once again threatening unification by military force. President Tsai is talking about how many days Taiwan can hold out until international aid arrives. The Premier of our Executive Yuan is talking about taking the battles into the streets and fighting with fists and broomsticks. These scenarios of violence and bloodshed are not what the people of Taiwan are wishing for! I believe “Export Goods Out, Welcome People In, Let Kaohsiung Prosper,” is what Kaohsiung people wishing for, and in this sense I see the 92 Consensus is practical and realistic. My view on the 92 Consensus is naturally “One China, Respective Interpretations” based on Constitution and The Act, certainly not “One Country Two Systems,” like Macau or Hong Kong. Some people say that the Beijing does not recognize “One China, Respective Interpretations.” I would like to point out that in the 8 years under KMT’s rule, Beijing certainly did not refuse to interact with us because of KMT’s stance on 92 Consensus. In fact, during those 8 years, we signed many agreements, participated in many international activities, and more countries had granted us visa-waiver status. In the course of my campaign as Mayor of Kaohsiung, I stressed the importance of economy. My basis for Cross Straits Relations is the ‘92 Consensus. My winning the election showed that the people of Taiwan did not reject my stance on this matter. I openly shout out to President Tsai and her administration. If they are not willing to recognize the ‘92 Consensus, then they must conceive some new ideals and concrete measures so that they can sustain peace and security in the Taiwan Straits and ensure Taiwans economic development. They must somehow enable the people of Taiwan to continuously live in freedom and democracy. So far, they have come up empty. The United States is without a doubt a very important friend to Taiwan ROC. The US has been our ally in terms of economics, security, military, and politics. We had the Mutual Defense Treaty, and afterwards we have the Taiwan Relations Act, which provides Taiwan with military defense capabilities. The US is also our important trade partner, and our mutual collaborations over the years have given Taiwan a secure and peaceful environment that allowed for our great economic and political developments. We cannot, and should not, drag our American friends down because we are not able to handle the Cross Straits relations effectively. It is one thing to befriend our American allies but its something else to take the American friendship for granted. We must assume our share of the responsibility to secure peace in the Taiwan Straits so that our people can live in democracy and prosperity. To conclude, the reason I won the election is because the Kaohsiung people agree with my down to earth call for revitalizing the economy and upholding the stability. Actually most of the people in Taiwan all want, in my down to earth expression, “Taiwan is safe, and people are rich.” Since this is Harvard and there must be a lot of Christian friends here today, I would like to take a verse from the Bibles Book of Philippians as my closing remark. “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal.” I pressed on walking the walk and that is the power of being down to earth. Without feet on the ground, we cannot walk. Thanks again for inviting me and thank you all very much for listening. Thank you!

宋怡明主任、戈迪温教授、女士们,先生们,今天我非常荣幸能在费正清中国研究中心这个世界上最受尊崇的中国研究机构之一,在诸位杰出学者和研究者的面前,分享我的一些经历,谈一谈作为高雄市长,我的想法和我想做的事情。 在台湾,有很多人称我为“卖菜郎”。主要是因为我在参加市长选举之前曾在台北市的农产运销公司工作。媒体也经常用“接地气”这个词来形容我,更有些人因为我卑微的出身和我直接了当又不加修饰的说话方式而讲我是一个「土包子」。 然而今天,这个台湾的光头土包子居然能够来到这个世界上最负盛名的哈佛大学的讲台上、站在你们面前。这是几个月前,许多人作梦都想不到的! 今天我来到哈佛主要是因为在去年11月,我赢了一场选举,没有人认为我在台湾南部有任何可能获胜的机会。也有人说我单枪匹马地改变了台湾的政治景象、带起了一种政治风潮,他们称其为「韩流」。 但是,我不认为有韩流,因为我非常清楚我选上市长的原因,其实不是因为我个人,而是民心。台湾人民,特别是高雄的人民,已经受够了无能的政府,意识形态的操纵,受够这些政客光说不练、只会空口说白话。 我们成功胜选的背后原因并不是因为我是一个什么了不起的人,而是因为台湾现任执政党实在做得不好。政府让人民失望,所以人民想要不一样的选择。事实上,台湾人民受够的不仅是执政党,而是厌倦了所有传统的政治人物。特别是那些只会提出花哨口号和空洞承诺的政治人物。他们不知道,他们也不关心人们真正需要的是什么。他们只说不做,但我,我付诸行动。 我用行动走向各行各业的人们,特别是社会较弱势的族群。我坚持每个月选择在一个不同的基层地点过夜,以便近距离了解这些民众的生活情况。我已经夜宿过孤儿院、渔会、出租车运将的家,未来也将在更多其它的基层地方过夜。 我也实际走向世界,去了中国大陆、去了东南亚、现在还来到美国,未来希望走向世界其它地方。 这不是因为我想变成在81天内环游世界的Mr. Fogg,而是因为高雄应该获得更多的知名度和机会。高雄已被隔离且封闭太久。长期下来造成经济衰退、人口减少。我们需要走向世界,推广我们的城市和产品,吸引更多的人来高雄,并且落实我所希望的“货出得去,人进得来,高雄发大财!” 你们也许会疑惑为什么我说话做是如此接地气又不像典型的政治人物。事实上,我也曾经是民众看不顺眼的那种政治人物。我担任议员和立委超过10年。直到有一天,我意识到自己并没有做好一个政治人物的事实,所以我就决定不选了。然后,我从人人称羡的民意代表变回一个基层民众。从那以后,我就一直在基层、接地气,现在即使是市长,也是如此。我知道人们真正想要的是什么 — 因为我曾经也是其中之一,对政府怀抱希望,期许掌权者可以为我们人民谋福祉。我深知人民的需求是简单而且卑微的。人民希望享受和平与安全; 希望有一个能做实事的政府; 民众想赚到钱; 最重要的是,每个人都想拥有美好的生活。 当我一开始落脚高雄的时候,我出任国民党高雄市党部的主委。我们没有资金,加上民进党已经统治高雄20多年,所以没有人认为我会有任何机会胜选,因此非常难筹措竞选资金。因此,当我宣布竞选市长选举时,我的口号是「一瓶矿泉水和一碗卤肉饭」。这是我在造势会和集会上所能向支持者提供的 — 大多数时候,连卤肉饭也没有,只有一瓶矿泉水!然而,这样做的原因不仅是因为我们没有什么钱,也是因为我认为台湾选举的方式应该要有所改变。我不要再成为人民不喜欢的那种政治人物。「一瓶矿泉水」完全违背了传统的竞选方式。有一句老话:「只要你有钱,你就不需要知道怎么选举。」所以当时很多人警告我,要胜选是不可能的,因为我什么都没有,我两手空空,但也这样让我成为一个非典型的国民党候选人,我跟民众站在一起、听他们的声音、了解他们的需要。来到我的聚会或造势会的人不是为了免费礼物或餐点,他们就是单纯的来支持! 而我如何回应他们的支持呢?我针对他们的担忧和焦虑做出了回应,一个直言不讳的回应、一个只有土包子才会对著大家大声喊出来:我们要赚大钱! 你们可能听过我的竞选口号,「货出得去,人进得来,高雄发大财!」和「经济100分、政治0分”」。现在,台湾就是充斥著政治计算,特别是在两岸政策方面的问题上,也因此台湾经济空间受到压缩,难以成长。我知道民众的想法,这不是他们想要的!人民真正想要的是有 更好的收入、优渥的生活、与中国大陆和平共处、并且双方相互尊重。这就是为什么我认为经济要100分,而政治必须是0分。 同时,作为一个以贸易为主要导向的地区,我们最糟糕的噩梦就是被边缘化。当世界各国积极推动自由贸易,签署自由贸易协定和参与区域经济体时,台湾都被排除在外,这对我们的经济发展来说是不行的。实现区域经济体的复杂性和困难是和两岸关系的状况息息相关的。对台湾的任何政治领导人来说,最大的挑战是维护台湾海峡的和平与稳定,确保台湾不被排除在重要的国际活动之外。 没有人希望生活在不稳定和混乱之中。我们都非常清楚台湾唯一的军事威胁来自北京。就像我一再说过,我们不用怀疑台湾人民追求民主的决心,但与此同时,我们也不用怀疑北京追求统一的决心。虽然加强我们的防御能力很重要,但我们不能对北京拥有强大军事力量的这一事实视而不见。我们要做的是努力与中国大陆和平共处,用智能避免潜在的冲突。这是台湾人民所需要的。我们需要面对中国大陆崛起的事实,并且避免不必要的对抗。 然而,在民进党执政的这短短三年里,国际社会开始再次担心台湾海峡可能会爆发冲突。中国大陆的领导人再度提到武统,我们的总统蔡英文谈的是台湾在国际援助到来前可以撑几天,而我们的行政院院长更说要战到街头、山区,要民众拿出扫帚出来和敌军打架,但是,这些暴力和流血场面绝不是台湾人民所希望的! 我认为「货出得去、人进得来、高雄发大财」才是高雄人民所希望的,而作为高雄市长,我想把高雄带到世界,我认为92共识是切实可行的。我对92共识的看法当然是根据宪法和《两岸人民关系条例》为基础的“一个中国各自表述。”虽然有人说北京并不承认“一个中国各自表述,”但我想指出,在国民党执政的8年里,对于国民党的 92共识立场,北京没有拒绝和我们互动交流。事实上,在这8年中,我们签署了不少协议,参加了许多国际活动,而且更多的国家给予我们免签的待遇。 在我作为高雄市长的竞选过程中,我强调经济为主,但是在两岸关系的基础上,我主张就是九二共识,而人民并没有排斥这样的主张。我也公开对蔡总统和她的政府提出呼吁,如果他们不愿意承认「九二共识」,就应该拿出一套新的主张和具体作为,以维护台湾海峡的和平与安全,确保台湾的经济发展,能够让台湾人民继续生活在自由民主之中。但到目前为止,他们什么也没有提出来。 毫无疑问地,美国是中华民国最重要的朋友之一,在经济、安全、军事和政治各方面都一直是我们的盟友。我们之前有《共同防御条约》,之后也有《台湾关系法》,提供台湾防卫的力量。不只如此,美国也是我们重要的贸易伙伴,多年来我们共同合作为台湾提供了一个和平安定的环境,使我们的经济和民主政治得以发展实现。 然而,我们不能也不应该拖累我们的美国盟友,不能因为我们无法妥善处理两岸关系问题,而把我们的美国朋友拖下水。与我们的美国盟友友好亲善是一回事,但将美国友谊视为理所当然却是另一回事。我们必须承担台湾在国际情势和两岸关系中应尽的责任,让台湾人民能够持续生活在民主和繁荣之中。 总之,这次的胜选主要是因为高雄人民同意我振兴经济、追求安定的接地气呼吁。事实上,若用我接地气的说法来讲,大多数台湾人民所想要的,就是「台湾安全、人民有钱」。因为是在哈佛,今天这里肯定有不少基督徒朋友们,我想从圣经中摘读一节经文做为今天的结语:「忘记背后,努力向前,向著标竿直跑。」 我会一直脚踏实地,这就是所谓的接地气。只有脚踏实地,我们才能持续前进。再次感谢您们的邀请,非常谢谢大家的聆听。谢谢!